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You have two self-publishing options:

Self-publishing without an imprint 

Many who write memoirs or family histories publish without an imprint.  Their books are not for sale through the established wholesale, retail, or internet channels, but are given or sold directly to family and friends. We can put these books in our web catalog and do order fulfillment for you. 

Self-publishing with your imprint 

You select your publishing imprint name and establish yourself as a publisher.

  • Some people set up their own publishing imprint (self-publish) because their book is one of a number of products in their entrepreneurial plan. They want to manufacture and market other products related to their book, or their book is an extension of other existing products.
  • Others want to use their book as a part of their branding for an existing company.
  • Others enjoy the challenge of setting up their own publishing enterprise.

We will serve as your mentor, using our skills and expertise to get your manuscript transformed into a quality, market-ready book. We will provide counsel and straight-forward advice if we think your skills are not adequate to achieve a quality, marketable book. 

We will provide necessary information and counsel to enable you to:

  • Design your imprint logo
  • Acquire your own ISBN number, the Library of Congress Control Number, and copyrights.
  • Set up accounts with the internet bookstores and the wholesalers. 

There are steps in the process that we can do for you. Each author has differing skills and expertise, so our assistance to the self-publisher is tailored to each situation. You select the services you require

Every manuscript requires an editor; an experienced interior designer will assure the readability of your book; the cover design will be a factor in the marketplace; a qualified book printer will complete the process, giving you a professional product. We will provide counsel or assistance at each step, but you choose which of our services you need. 

  • We will edit or recommend an editor for your manuscript. Many authors “know an English teacher” who has read their manuscript.  English teachers are not necessarily trained or experienced in editing a book.  (A poorly edited book will not go far in the marketplace.)
  • If you have the design skills and appropriate software, we will provide counsel regarding formatting the book and/or designing the cover. Or, we will provide those services.
  • Not every printer is a book printer. We use reliable printers who have done good work for us. We get competitive quotes on every job. 

Many who have self-published their books complain that received their books, but no further help with publicity and marketing. Our marketing help is modular. We will provide guidelines for developing a marketing plan and assist you in developing a number of individual marketing tools.

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Using the information at the bottom of this page, please email us, telephone us, or send us a letter to begin the conversation. There is no cost for the initial consultation. 

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