First Time Authors to Writing Professionals

We often hear new authors say, “I am a novice at this.”
Or, “The publisher claims on the internet are so confusing.”
Or, “I have never published a book before; I don’t know where to begin.”

We know where to begin!
Our staff has many years of publishing experience. We know the steps.
We have worked with hundreds of first-time authors.
We will serve as your mentor.

For an orientation to what is involved in getting your manuscript published and learn the industry jargon, go to our web page Publication process.
See also below "the four steps to success"
If you don’t find the answers to your questions, call us.
We will talk to you.
That’s what mentors do.

Four steps to success

Turn your manuscript into a successful book:

STEP ONE: We will get your manuscript ready to publish.

Nothing turns off the reviewers and readers faster than a poorly edited book.

STEP TWO: Get your manuscript transformed into a professionally published book that will be accepted in the marketplace.

There are criteria for ISBN, for barcode placement, for type font selection, etc., that distinguish a professionally prepared book.

STEP THREE: Make your book available to a world-wide audience.

Through wholesalers, retailers, and internet bookstores, your book will be available to millions of potential readers.

STEP FOUR: Publicize and market your book to those for whom you have written it

Properly prepared announcements, news releases, author bios, etc., will tell your intended audience about your book and where it is available.

We provide two ways to achieve your goal to be a published author.

One: You use Quill House as your publisher, using our imprint (see Subsidy Publishing). 

Two: You start your own publishing company, establishing your own imprint (see Self-publishing).

We are professionals! We will work with you either as a subsidy publisher or by facilitating your self-publishing efforst so that you may achieve your goal of a high-quality published book.