Subsidy Publishing

Subsidy publishing

There are a number of reasons why you may want to choose a subsidy publishing arrangement.

  • First, you may have exhausted all other publishing possibilities (that is, been turned down by too many publishers) and, having worked long and hard on the manuscript, you want to see it published.
  • Second, you may want a larger return from the sale of your book.
  • Third, you may want the Quill House imprint advantages and have Quill House be the publisher of record.

In a subsidy publishing agreement you are responsible for subsidizing the costs of editing, layout (formatting), cover design, and production.  Quill House has the experience and skills to manage the steps in the publication processes, assuring you of a quality, market-ready book.

In using the Quill House imprint, we will be the publisher of record.

We will partner with you to complete each of the following steps.

ONE: Getting your manuscript ready to publish

  • We will read your manuscript, making suggestions to you for any major changes that we think will improve your book.
  • We will edit for style and consistency of usage, or do a more substantive editing should that be judged necessary. The substantive editing will be done in consultation with you.


TWO: We will get your manuscript transformed into a professionally published book.

  • We will provide the ISBN number, obtain the Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN), and place the Quill House name on the spine, title page, and copyright page.
  • Your book will be copyrighted in your name unless you choose to copyright it in the name of Quill House. In some venues a book copyrighted in the author’s name suggests a self-published or print-on-demand book. If copyrighted by Quill House, we can assign the copyright back to you.
  • We will design the cover, showing you up to three design options; and do the interior design and formatting, providing you a set of page proofs. We will crop and place all photos.
  • We will select a printer and print the quantities you determine based on costs we have provided to you. 


THREE: We will make your book available to a world-wide audience.

  • We will place your book on the Quill House website bookstore, on,, with the wholesaler Baker and Taylor (making books accessible to bookstores everywhere), and with Bowkers (which lists your book in Books in Print). There are many other internet booksellers that pick up our books from these sources.
  • Quill House will do order fulfillment for your book. The customer pays shipping and handling costs. You pay a monthly warehouse charge predicated on the storage space required.
  • E-books -- suitable for reading on e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Sony Reader, the iPhone, and other computers and devices – is a rapidly growing market. We can make your book available in most of the current digital formats.
  • You receive 100% of net income. NOTE: Amazon, Baker and Taylor, and some bookstores require varying discounts and do not pay the costs of shipping books to them. Those shipping costs and discounts are deducted from the retail price of your book in calculating net income.


FOUR: Publicize and market your book to those for whom you have written it.

  • There is an axiom that says, `Publishers don't sell books, bookstores don't sell books -- authors sell books.` The success of your book may depend, in large part, on your efforts, your activities, and your personal networks.

Authors who have large personal networks or have professional exposure will be able to market their books to their already-established audience. Pastors of large churches, college professors, public speakers, and workshop presenters have an excellent opportunity to market their own books.

  • We will provide you with a guide booklet to enable you to develop a publicity and marketing plan. We will help you draft a marketing  plan, prepare announcement flyers, news releases, author bios, etc. We will send copies to key reviewers you have selected. [See MARKETING page]

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